Google Tools

Some Google Tools that may be useful

Google Alerts - receive email alerts based on your query or topics.

Google Custom Search Engine - direct your students to safe and relevant sites relating to specific topics by creating your own search engine.

Google Docs - create your own online documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms (surveys) that you can then share with others. Great for collaborative work by groups of students, or when you need to access documents whilst in another location.

Google for Educators - find out how you can use a variety of Google tools successfully in your classroom.

Google Labs - test out some new online tools from the developers at Google.

Google Lit Trips - combined with Google Earth literature characters travels can be mapped through the storyline. Great for class novels and finding out more about timelines.

iGoogle - create your own personalised homepage using iGoogle and add 'gadgets' for easy access to Google Reader, Gmail, websites and other networking sites for work and play.

Presentations to Watch

How to set up a Google Custom Search Engine - video clip from YouTube on how to set up your own search engine.

Google Lit Trips Presentation - what are Google Lit Trips, viewing and creating your own.