Presentation Tools Links and Resources

There are hundreds of free presentation tools available online and this Slideshare 101 Presentation Tools gives you 101 alternatives to Powerpoint. A selection of online presentation tools, including some that you may have already heard of and/or use, are listed below. Why not give one a try, or challenge your students to give them a go and see what they can do.

Please note that some only allow for limited free use and/or may have an 'educational use' 'login'. You are also advised to check the individual copyright and intellectual property terms and conditions prior to using each resource.

Animoto for Education - available for teachers and students - this "All-Access" educators version of Animoto allows users to make full-length video slideshows for free using your own photos, video clips and music.

Big Huge Labs- create and print personalised posters, magazine covers, calendars, etc.

Flixtime - allows you to create simple 60-second video slideshows, similar to Animoto, for free. You can become a video producer and customise your shows by incorporating your own photos, video and text.

Glogster EDU - a monitored version of Glogster for teachers and students in which to create and share interactive posters. Glogster is a fun way to create your own interactive posters on a range of topics from Algebra to Languages to Zoos. Add from a selection of graphics or add your own images, put in some text and create your own style. Great for collaborative work and presenting work for assessment. Glogon - slidshare presentation with tips on creating your own poster.

How to put a Voki on your Glogster page - it's simple and easy if you follow these step-by-step instructions.

Issuu - turn your documents into interactive books or magazines and share them with others on the web. A free service that converts documents in minutes - just upload the content and wait for an email to tell you it's ready. Great for brochures, flip books and digital storybooks.

Make Beliefs Comix - similar to ToonDoo this allows you to create your own comic strips using up to 4 cells. Choose from a range of characters, speech balloons and emotions as you tell your story.

Mixbook - create photostory books of images and text to present your topic.

Museum Box - add text, images, video or sound to a virtual box in order to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period.

Newspaper Clipping Generator - create your own newspaper clippings and save as an image.

PhotoPeach - create slideshare presentations from your images.

Photovisi create photo collages in 3 easy steps!

Prezi - a 'Flash-based' online presentation tool that uses a mapping system to create 'zooming' presentations. Desktop version is also available for working 'offline'.

Scribd - a document-sharing website, similar to Google Docs, which allows users to post documents of various formats, and embed them into a web page using its iPaper format which is an online version of PDF. Publish your own stories online, read the works of other online authors, and share them with your friends.

Slide - create your own 'Slideshow' or 'FunPix' by uploading images and adding your own text. A fun way of creating posters and slideshows to share with others.

Slideshare - create and upload your own presentations for access online, to share with others, or to market your business. Also one of the largest sources of presentations and slideshows on a variety of topics.

Teaching ideas new ways to jazz up an assignment or your classroom with these free templates

ToonDoo - a similar online tool to Make Beliefs Comix that allows users to create simple comic strips of up to 3 cells or panels. Choose from a wide range of characters, text bubbles, backgrounds etc. There are also a large number of comic strips available to browse, however be aware that the site does not screen for content.

Voice Thread - allows users to add comments on an artifact, document, slide presentations, video or collections of photos. Comments can be made via microphone, webcam or keyboard. The finished 'item' will contain the original artifact and the various commentary around it. A great way for students to post visual media which teachers, and peers, can then comment on and/or assess.

Voice Thread K-12 - membership of this version is restricted to educators, students and administrators.

Xtranormal - a 'text-to-movie' online tool which allows you and your students to create short films with your own scripts. Xtranormal will then produce a film with characters enacting it - up to a maximum of two characters with this 'free' version.