iPads for Learning

This page contains a number of links to information about, and resources for, the use of iPads in educational settings. In particular I have concentrated on the use of iPads as eReaders and therefore have included mainly links to ebooks and ebook resources at this stage.

Apps (P=Paid, F=Free)
GoodReader (P) - read and annotate PDF documents
Popplet (P) - mindmaps, doodles and images
iWork (P) - pages, keynotes and numbers
Garageband (P) - create your own music
Dropbox (F) - access and share documents from a variety of devices
PlainText (F) - word processor which syncs with Dropbox
Netflix (F) - instant streaming of video

eBooks (P=Paid, F=Free)
Project Gutenberg Australia (F) - http://gutenberg.net.au/ - free ebooks from authors who died prior to 1955 and therefore the works are in the public domain
Project Gutenberg (F) - http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page - free ebooks (as above) specifically for iPads and other reading devices
Google eBooks (F) - http://books.google.com/ebooks - some free ebooks that are now in the public domain
Amazon (P) - http://www.amazon.com/ - shop for ebooks and download via Kindle for iPad, also look for limited free editions
iBooks (P) - http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ibooks/id364709193?mt=8 - shop for ebooks via the Apple Store iBooks and download into free iBooks app
Booku (P) - http://www.booku.com/ - over 135,000 ebooks available, gain bonus points towards future purchases
ManyBooks (F) - http://www.manybooks.net/ - over 29,000 free titles to choose from

References and Resources
"Reading kidlit: Kids' books on the iPad" - www.insertliteraryblognamehere.com (13th April 2011) - some statistics on the use of eReaders and eLiterature downloads ie. 6/10 paid book apps were kid's books with the top 5 (for this week) being Young Adult titles.
"Let's talk about eBooks and eReaders: Positive, pitfalls and perils" - http://bit.ly/e-books-ALIA (Kerrie Smith, 3rd March 2011) - what to look for when choosing eReaders and using eBooks, ability to read and store multiple ebooks, bookmark and write notes, download notes to computer and upload documents from computer to eReader, re-size text, dictionary and thesaurus, when returning to book it opens at page you left, categorization of titles, display of images (and re-sizing), text-to-speech ability and access to a browser.
"iPad apps for learning" - http://bit.ly/eqLQ1a (Educause Learning Initiative, February 2011) - things you should know about (iPads) "apps allow the device to be used as an e-Reader but with more interactive features than other e-texts, redefining what a textbook (fiction) can be and do".
"Preparing your school for an iPad implementation" - http://bit.ly/hR7Sfc (Sam Gliksman, 24th February 2011) - NING community about iPads in Education: Exploring the use of iPads and eBooks in Schools and College.
"How larger font size impacts reading and the implications for educational use of digital text readers" - http://bit.ly/dCsKqR (William E. De Lamater, 29th April 2010) - children are often influenced, when they choose a book, by font size and increasing font size can help students read more easily and quickly.
iPads in Education - http://bit.ly/gXlvxi (EDNA - School Education) - resources, reviews and information about the use of iPads for education, including information about available apps and uses.
iPads for Learning - http://www.ipadsforeducation.vic.edu.au (DEECD) - contains information about Victorian iPad trials, selected apps, classroom ideas, and technical tips.
eLearning ICT Showcases - http://bit.ly/bnUeh (DEECD ePotential Education) - information on netbook trials, digital stories, and classroom ideas for Years 7 to 12 - ePotential Education.
21 Steps to 1-to-1 success - http://bit.ly/hJyVK6 (DEECD Booklet) - suggested steps to implementing 1:1 programs using digital devices.
"Which eReader is right for you?" - http://bit.ly/gdOoyY (Jenna Zwang, 8 April 2011) - eSchool News: Technology news for today's K-20 Educator - article with evaluation chart of various digital reading devices.
"E is for Electronic Reading" - http://bit.ly/eunlpX (CMIS Evaluation) - Fiction focus blog by DET (WA) - references about reading online, resources and evaluations, includes slideshare presentation.
"The future of reading - Literacy debate: Online, R U really reading" - http://nyti.ms/06nHQ (The New York Times, 27th July 2008) - article on the future of reading and use of digital reading devices.
iPad Schools Wiki - http://bit.ly/aT6HES (Wikispaces) - links to educational apps and information on iPads, arranged under various genres eg. Language and Literature, Reading and Research.
The iPad in Primary Education - http://theipad2011.webs.com/ (Blog) - contains useful information on implementing iPads in a primary school and links to some useful apps.
Tom Barrett's 53 Apps for Education - http://bit.ly/ifUfjy - presentation by Tom Barrett with information on over 53 iPad apps useful for the classroom.
Reading 2.0 wiki - http://readingtech.wikispaces.com/Home - using digital technologies to encourage reading without replacing books. Lots of great resources and information, including available apps.